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Spirit Work from Your Home.

"An exchange of one kind of cell for a different kind of cell changes a crawling caterpillar to a winged butterfly. In terms of understanding the essential dynamic of change in the world and at the core of the human soul, a great mystery is revealed that can be called the wisdom of the butterfly."



Embracing Life's Changes as Portals for Transformation & Finding Our Soul's Story

​Welcome to our transformative 'Metamorphosis' program, a 6-week online journey designed to empower you through life's changes. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of videos, meditations, rituals, and nature-based practices, guiding you through the cycles of personal growth.

Explore each module to tap into your inner wisdom, navigate uncertainty, and celebrate your transformation. Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals on this empowering adventure. Enrol now and embrace the metamorphosis that awaits you!



Week 1: Embracing Change
- Video: Introduction to the course and the importance of embracing life transitions.
- Meditation: Connecting with inner resilience.
- Ritual: Creating a personal symbol of change.
- Nature: Guided nature walk to observe and reflect on the ever-changing elements.

Week 2: Navigating Uncertainty
- Video: Understanding the power of uncertainty.
- Meditation: Cultivating mindfulness in the midst of change.
- Ritual: Crafting a symbolic roadmap for navigating uncertainty.
- Nature: Outdoor meditation focusing on the beauty of unpredictability.

Week 3: Honoring Endings and Beginnings
- Video: Exploring the significance of closure and new beginnings.
- Meditation: Finding closure through guided reflection.
- Ritual: Designing a ceremony to honor the past and welcome the future.
- Nature: Reflective journaling in a natural setting.

Week 4: Tapping into Inner Wisdom
- Video: Recognizing and trusting personal intuition.
- Meditation: Accessing inner wisdom through mindfulness.
- Ritual: Creating a sacred space for introspection.
- Nature: Silent contemplation in a natural setting to enhance intuitive connection.

Week 5: The Power of Rituals
- Video: Understanding the transformative nature of rituals.
- Meditation: Integrating mindfulness into daily rituals.
- Ritual: Designing a personalized daily ritual for empowerment.
- Nature: Incorporating nature elements into daily practices.

Week 6: Celebrating Transformation
- Video: Acknowledging and celebrating personal growth.
- Meditation: Reflecting on the journey and embracing self-love.
- Ritual: Crafting a celebration ceremony for individual transformations.
- Nature: Group activity to connect and celebrate in a natural setting.


Access to the online program for 6 months


$397 CAD


LIFE TIME Access to the course
*Weekly online group coa
ching session & Facebook support community for the duration of the course

$697 CAD

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Let Others Inspire You.

"I came out of it a different woman-wiser, stronger, and ready to keep following my life’s purpose in my own way. I never had to worry about how I showed up because Jamie made it clear that whatever state we were in, to show up exactly as that."

"Jamie created this incredible container for us to explore and expose ourselves. Until someone experiences something like this circle I simply don't have the words to describe the transformation."

Liv White
Sandra Swanson
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