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The Darkness

The darkness...

All beginnings are first wrapped in darkness. Beginnings are births. An initiation into the next cycle. The darkness provides an incubating womb for our births and transformations. We must first strip down, let go, reduce, become less.

The arrival of the darkness is an initiation of sorts. A place where we surrender and remove the layers and masks. Letting go of our ordinary identities and sinking into the mythical, magical, hidden parts of ourselves. This is a time to be still, to go inward, to listen. A time to honour our next becoming by holding this liminal time sacred. Waiting for the dark to go to work on us so we may birth what is next when the light returns.

The darkness provides an incubation room for what will become. We cannot push. We must learn the skill of being uncomfortable in not knowing if we are to truly access the calling of what is next for us. The darkness is the perfect escort for this journey.

Spend some time at the threshold and let die what must die. Steep yourself in the darkness and listen for the whisper of what is next for you.

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