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My Courageous Broken Heart

We all know heart break. It’s part of being human. In these moments it’s so easy to contract and

disappear, and sometimes that’s appropriate. But I wonder if the broken hearted could stay open, broken open, would this actually help heal. Maybe the broken heart could choose to embody and share more love, embody and share more compassion, embody and share more wisdom. To see the broken as complete, not something that needs mending

It takes courage to stand open. To be really SEEN. To stand with an open heart, open guts, open breath and open mind, eyes wide open. This is a radical act of bravery! To stand vast and wide open. Abundant. This is where the potential lies to truly experience what is possible for our lives. This is where the really good ideas come from. This is where the sacred feminine comes alive to create, to nurture, to move what needs moving. This heals. When we stop trying to always fix ourselves and live from the imperfect spaciousness of brokenness there is the potential to experience vitality. There is relief and expansion that happens when we are just BEing and in turn, we truly are seen as we are. That heals.

I’ve lived from both ends of this spectrum, and a million places in between, all of it teaching me something. But there has been no greater teacher than my heart break. And the truth of how I want to live comes alive when I continue to choose to stand open and vast in my heart ache. I want to spend my limited time here embodying love, compassion and the feminine wisdom that belongs to all of us. So I will continue to commit to standing open, broken heart and all.

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