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The Threads of My Journey

A little bit about me & What I Hold Sacred



Building intimacy through truth and real authentic relationships in community and the natural world around us. Whole-hearted and vulnerable. 


A commitment to honouring the unfolding our path through connection to our soul and spirit.  Returning to the call and expression  of our soul 


Curating a life that honours our relationship between our soul and nature. Creating a life of self expression and flow within our own rhythms and cycles.

“a story is 'holy,' and it is used as medicine.
The story is not told to lift you up, to make you feel better, or to entertain you, although all those things can be true. The story is meant to take the spirit into a descent to find something that is lost or missing and to bring it back to consciousness again.”



I'm Jamie

The Wild was always my teacher in one way or another. My father was a devout wild man. He taught me the gift of silence in the wild and the excitement of exploring untouched lands. Reverence was taught early and that connection informed so much of the wisdom I live from today. Through my 20's and 30's I got further and further removed from that which fed my life force and I became ill and over worked. I was hollow and deeply depressed.


Although I always sought the path un-tread, it wasn't until I met yoga in 1999 that a new opening was being brought forth. This began my journey back to myself through doors I had never opened before. The path was difficult, and wading through the limbs and layers took years before I reconnected with the Divine in me. This time took me back to the wilderness where I saw the Divine for the first time and realized in that moment that I am That. I am the crushing waves, the dark forest floor, the unforgiving mountain peaks. I am That. 

As an Initiated Priestess of the Sacred Grove and Carrier of the Red Thread. I wanted to use these tools to create a place for women to heal, and so the Academy of the Sacred Red Thread was birthed. I hold a 500 HR E-RYT yoga certification and have been teaching therapeutic yoga for 17 years, leading teacher trainings and international retreats for the 12 years. I co-host a podcast "Rebels On Purpose" that you can listen to here. My deep passion has been in leading Women's circles and ceremonies for the last 12 years.


I live in beautiful Calgary, Alberta with my partner and daughter where I sleep in the WILD as much as I can!


This is My Story.


I am spark,

unstruck sounds in the darkness.

I am the curves of the Great Mother,

secrets in every crevasse.

I am stardust, clay and wildflowers,

salty ocean residue and burning fires.

I am Giantess, Sorceress and Goddess,

I am the many arms of Kali Ma.

I am Raven, Wolf and Serpent,

I am the venom and the antidote.

I am the alchemist.

Healed. Healing. Healer.

I am Spirit and Soul.

Magic and Mystery.

I am roots and ether and Source.

Chaos and cosmos.

I am Sovereign.

I am Mythos.

I am burning woman,

rising from the crumbled facade

of season past and lives already lived.



Let Others Inspire You.

Jamie has such a special gift of creating a safe space in the group. It allowed me to really be me and to be able to dig into what I needed to do on this journey. And I felt safe to share it with others in the group. Truly special and changed how I walk in the world. 

The program far exceeded my expectations, I now will always remember you. You gave me
a place to talk of magic, mysteries, of ancient knowing’s, of raw truths and trauma and
simply holding space, reflecting back to us what you see, we were all alchemized…what
more is there to say. As we have spoken, this has to be experienced, for words cannot
describe it adequately.

Shannon Oberle - Yoga Therapy Graduate
Sandra Swanson- WILD Woman
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