"I often describe Jamie's classes as pure magic - sounds a little crazy but that is exactly what it is!"

- Krystal Scott

Yoga Teacher



I have spent a lot of my life looking and searching for something past the mundane expectations that were handed to me as I grew up. I gravitated towards people who were having conversations with cause and purpose and I was very aware of the feeling of the fire it lit in me. It took many years of inquiry and exploration before I made the decision to live from a place that fed all the aspects of my being. Little did I know that journey would be ignited by a tortuous yoga asana practice in 1999.

I met yoga while attending the University of Victoria. A friend suggested that I could the find answers to the questions I was asking through yoga. In 1999, Yoga classes were hard to come by and were often in humble spaces on top of subway sandwich restaurants. I was not convinced that the deeper meaning of my existence could be found while standing on my head but I was curious. After my first class I was curious all right, curious if I would ever speak to that friend again! I struggled for to find any joy in the seemingly impossible contortionistic positions and really just could not wait for it to end. Then came the sweet release of the death pose. I felt my body in a new way, a way that felt honest and real. I was still not totally sold, but I forgave my friend and decided to continue on.


I completed my first 500-hour training with SOYA in the Sivananda lineage (2005). This training opened up more curiosity about the philosophical aspects of yoga, which up until that point I really didn't know much about. There were so many layers and doors to go in to deepen my understanding of this ancient practice. So that is what I did. I began studying and reading and practicing and in all of that I was becoming different. Or more accurately, I was starting to really see who I truly was. I spent 15 years steeped in the practice and with each passing year, another veil was lifted, showing me a more real and authentic being. I was able to BE in my life in with a new awareness, with a new steadiness that I had longed for since I could remember. The tools I had practiced in yoga helped me cultivate skills to support my journey into learning about my relationship with myself and the world I am a part of. I used to practice yoga and now I live as a yogi. I have integrated these practices and teachings to support being a women who practices and teaches yoga in the 21st century.


My passion lies in cultivating community through the practice of yoga, in all its forms and in particular, with women. I have continued my education in many movement and creative modalities. I hold a Yin Certification (2009) from Bernie Clark and am a Certified Yoga Therapist (2014) through an Internationally recognized program. I have studied Human Kinetics, Somatics and Rhythmic Movement Therapy. I have been leading Yoga Teacher Trainings at the 200, 300 and Yoga Therapy level since 2014.


An evolution of my journey has taken me on the Priestess path and I will be initiated in early 2022. I have deep longing to reconnect with Feminine wisdom and support other women doing the same. I am learning everyday to listen to the whisper of my soul and trust in the unfolding of my life. 


I am a Certified Red Thread Guide (2019), leading a practice of calling women into circle and creating safe spaces for us to explore whatever we need to at any given moment. The Red Thread reminds us that we are all connected and we have a sacred responsibility to share our stories and to learn what our piece of the thread is so that we can hold it in our community. There is great power in bringing women together so that they can be truly seen. A sacred space for us to write the legendary story of our life through sharing and learning to be who we are. 

All of my studies are a culmination of my journey into knowing and seeing myself through as many lens as I can. My life's work is about sharing these practices. It is about creating safe spaces for women to engage in inquiry and truth. My life's work is about love. Learning to love all of myself so that I have the capacity to see love everywhere, in all things. My life's work is about creating spaces so that women have a place to learn to love themselves, and bring forth the deep wisdom that resides in each one, so she can bring forth the fire within and change the world.