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The Academy of the Sacred Red Thread

What Story Are You Here to Weave?

The legend of the Red Thread runs through many cultures and myths but the Japanese story has my heart. It is thought that human connections are predestined by a red string that the gods tie to the pinky fingers of those who find each other in life. Legend has it that the two people connected by this thread will have an important story, regardless of the time, place or circumstances, to weave together. And although the thread may tangle, contract or stretch, it can never break.  ​In a Japanese legend, an elderly man residing in the moon emerges nightly to seek out kindred spirits on Earth, bringing together those who have lessons to learn from one another. Upon finding them, he binds a red thread to guide them along their intertwined destinies. Our red thread connects to someone else's and when we find the carriers of the red thread, we know we were always meant to meet.  This legend forms the container for all the stories that unfold here at the Academy of the Sacred Red Thread. 

The Academy is built on cultivation of circle and recognizes that throughout history women have gathered in circle to share wisdom, to offer support, to be seen, and to see others. A sacred space for women to rediscover their divine strength and to build a truthful relationship with themselves and the sisters in their communities. This is a place for truth, reflection, unearthing, and connection. Every woman is wise and has gifts to offer, and a safe space is needed so we can feel into what that is for each of us. We need to be compassionately witnessed in our vulnerability so that we can step more fully into being ourselves.

Within each of us, there is a calling. A whisper of the Soul-Self to live out the deep passion and wisdom within. We believe that each woman arrives at the Academy with their own deep wisdom already intact but often, it has been covered up and suffocated by the over-culture. ​

The Academy offers apprentice programs for reclaiming our relationship with the Divine Feminine, Women's Wilderness Empowerment programs, Sacred Red Thread Ceremonies & Rites of Passage, including Croning, Birthing, Death, and Commitment ceremonies., and local and international retreats for women.

 “And into the woods I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” 


Let's Transform Together.

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If you feel a longing in every part of your Soul. If you hear the call when you are lying in the dark. If you know in the deepest bones of your body that you are here for more and you are ready to walk the path back home through a deep rekindling with the Great Mother, then the time to open your cage is now.



​Rites of passage and ceremonies play pivotal roles in the journey of living a soulful life. They mark significant transitions, fostering growth, and deeper connections to oneself, others, and the world. Through rituals, individuals honor milestones, embrace change, and find meaning in their experiences, aligning with their inner wisdom and the natural rhythm of life.


I N S P I R I T U S 
F O R E S T   P R A Y E R

Inspiritus is Latin for the word “breathe” and holds within it the word for spirit. Inspiritus also contains the root word for inspiration or to be filled with the Muses. ​Inspiritus Forest Prayer Sessions  were developed to represent the feminine model of healing and to bring the wisdom of women forward through deep engagment with the Wilderness.

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The Divine Feminine is waking from her slumber and there is an opportunity for us to heal by reclaiming our relationship with Nature, and ultimately with our Wildness.


The Feminine burns hot in each woman. She is your Passion. She is your creative force. She is your expression, the way you Love, your devotion, the way you express with every swing of your hips. She is mirrored in the rhythm and cycles of the Great Mother and now is time to reunite.

Divine Feminine and Nature are deeply connected and both have been disparaged for decades.  It is time to reconnect to our intuition, instincts, creativity and wisdom - our WILD nature. You were born with all of these gifts and now is the opportunity for reclamation. A time to place your hands in the Earth and bring forth what is in you to share.


Raw and uncensored.

I am calling this circle to Reclaim our birthright. To redefine the Feminine and to unlock our WILD nature. 


We will relearn what it feels like to align with the rhythm of the Feminine cycles of nature: the sun, the moon, one another. Remembering that our Power is born from the sound of waves crashing and the curve of mountains, we will plant our feet firmly in the earth. Our Power is in remembering we are That. We are the curves and the crashes. We are Wild. ​

If you feel a longing in every part of your Soul. If you hear the call when you are lying in the dark. If you know in the deepest bones of your body that you are here for more and you are ready to walk the path back home through a deep rekindling with the Great Mother, then the time to open your cage is now.

Join us on this journey into the WILD. A journey to reconnect you with what you have always had inside. A journey to help you discover your fire, your voice, your story and to heal through cultivating a reverent relationship with the Great Goddess Gaia. To reawaken, reconnect and reclaim the Divinely Feminine force within you and learn to be Wild again.

This is a 13 cycle sacred pilgrimage back to your heart and home, infused with ceremony, ritual, and guidance rooted in the wisdom of the natural world. We will create a circle of women to witness one another as you begin to tell the truth about who you are and your relationship with Mother Earth. Through sacred circle and self exploration we will walk each other back home with the Great Mother as our guide, back to our Wildness.  



  • Upon registration you will be sent a customized Sacred Bundle designed specifically for your journey containing gifts and tools to get you started.

  • Each cycle will have a thread that will serve as the inspiration for that cycle's journey with each thread weaving together over the thirteen cycles moving through Initiation to Sovereignty

  • We will begin each cycle and thread on the Full Moon. The inspiration will be supported through pagan (Earth based) rituals and ceremonies, Goddess work, movement and sound healing, as well as deep introspective practices. 

  • You will be provided tools to support you living in harmony with the cycles of nature, ultimately birthing rituals in your own knowing and wisdom

  • Our circle will convene every cycle where we will share experiences, hold space for ourselves and others, and witness other sacred women sharing their journey.

  • Guidance videos and/or audios for each cycle's thread and corresponding inspiration will be provided as well as written directions for support.

  • Monthly 30 minute sessions available for each woman to book private time with me to explore themes and receive personalized guidance and support.

  • Quarterly ceremonies will be led on the main solar events of the Wheel of the Year - Winter (Yule) & Summer (Litha) Solstices and Spring (Ostara) and Fall (Mabon) equinoxes

Investment: $2695 CAD + GST (Payment plans available)




Ceremonies and rites of passage play a crucial role in various cultures, including those that emphasize connecting with the natural rhythm of nature. These rituals often mark significant transitions in life, serving as powerful tools for personal and communal growth. Incorporating ceremonies can provide a structured and meaningful way for individuals to explore and embrace their own wisdom. Whether it's a ceremony symbolizing personal transformation or a rite of passage celebrating stages of life, these rituals create a sense of continuity, fostering a deeper connection to one's identity and purpose.

By integrating ceremony and rites of passage, women can tap into their wild & instinctual nature more profoundly. These practices offer a space for self-reflection, allowing individuals to acknowledge their strengths and vulnerabilities. Additionally, the communal aspect of these rituals fosters a sense of support and shared experience, reinforcing the idea that each woman is part of a larger, interconnected journey. Through such intentional practices, women are able to  navigate life transitions with grace, resilience, and a heightened awareness of their inner wisdom.

Our journey is marked by many passages; birth & death, falling in love, divorce or confronting life's myriad of transitions. These moments are an inevitable part of our existence. Yet, how often do we actively embrace these moments as catalysts for profound personal transformation? Instead of allowing them to slip by unnoticed, a Rite of Passage encourages us to engage consciously, taking time to acknowledge the often profound impact these moments have on weaving our own story. Through rituals, ceremonies, attunement to the seasons, creative expressions, we unveil the hidden sacred threads that are woven through our everyday lives. When we actively engage these rites we open ourselves up to discovering our own myth, we honour the truth and wisdom emerging. 

Rites of Passage process is a sacred offering during pivotal junctures in your life. Together we will curate a ceremony and expression of your wisdom to be acknowledged and honoured.  We will unravel the core of what holds significance, supporting you to discover profound meaning and purpose of these incredibly potent and often confusing times. 


There are endless Rites of Passage & ceremonies that can be curated to honour your own journey and what holds significance to you. Each ceremony is designed through personalized consultation process. Please contact me to book your consultation.

  • Births & Deaths

  • New Mother Ceremony

  • Moving into a new home, job or relationship

  • Commitment ceremony

  • Life Cycle Ceremonies - Mother, Maiden & Crone for example

  • Initiation Rites - graduation, menstruation, leaving home



Forest Prayer Sessions is a sacred ceremony designed to guide women on a journey of reconnection with nature and themselves. Held in the heart of the wilderness, these sessions invite participants to immerse themselves in the tranquility and wisdom of the forest. Led by experienced guides, the ceremony begins with a grounding ritual to centre the participants and open their hearts to the natural world.


As the group ventures deeper into the woods, they engage in various practices to heighten their awareness and foster a sense of unity with the surrounding environment. Meditative walks, silent contemplation, and gentle movement amidst the trees help participants attune to the rhythms of nature and quiet the mind.

Throughout the ceremony, participants are encouraged to listen to the whispers of the wind, the rustle of leaves, and the songs of birds, allowing nature to speak to them in its own language. Through this deepening connection, women are invited to tap into their innate wisdom and intuition, reconnecting with their wild woman archetype.

Forest Prayer Sessions serve as a small step on the path towards a longer Utiseta, "sitting out", providing a space for women to begin their journey of self-discovery and transformation in the embrace of the natural world.

Forest Prayer Sessions will be held in various locations around Southern Alberta. These sessions can be customized to your desires and private one-on-one and private group sessions can also be arranged. Please send your inquires by clicking the INQUIRE button. 

Please send an email to be added to the waitlist to receive more information about our next Forest Prayer Session dates.


12-Cycle Rite of Passage Journey

A Customized Year-long Private Ceremony

Birth, death, illness, marriage, divorce, coming of age, moving, starting a new career or new chapter in your life are all significant transitions that can leave us feeling disoriented, anxious, lost or alone. These moments in time are ripe with opportunity to write the next chapter in our own sacred journey. These passageways provide fertile ground for us to follow our own red thread and weave our next becoming. We can use these times of transition to harness the wisdom within to nourish the new person being brought forward into a new story.

Through honouring & aligning to the natural cycles of nature, rituals & ceremony, myths & storytelling, the Archetypes of a women's life cycle, inspiration & creativity we will uncover the deep call of your unique soul story. 

Together we will hold this sacred time of deep transition as a place for true metamorphosis, where one thing becomes another and emerges anew.

What Our Journey will Explore:

  • Creating a Sacred Container: An initial meet & greet. In this zoom call we will discuss your journey so far and what you are hoping to achieve through this journey. We will uncover your 'why' and establish your personal Rite of Passage. This hour long session will help us begin to cultivate a level of trust to move forward in the coming year and will anchor our sacred container.

  • Ceremony & Ritual: Upon registration you will receive a Sacred Bundle in the mail. This bundle will be full of ceremonial tools and artifacts that you will utilize in your monthly ceremonies, rituals & altars. 

  • Monthly Guidance: You will receive monthly guidance for Moon rituals. This ritual will help you connect to the natural world and begin to establish your relationship with your own flow and cycles. I will also curate a unique birthday ritual just for you.

  • Solar Observances: based on the Wheel of the Year. Guidance for ceremony around the 4 main sabbats- Summer & Winter Solstices, as well as the Spring & Autumn Equinoxes. Acknowledgement of the seasons of nature & our deep relationship with these transitional times will support you in grounding into & uncovering your own wisdom.

  • Monthly Mentorship Calls: These calls will be anchoring conversations to explore themes and emerging wisdom from your journey. Discussions may incorporate women's archetypes, dreams, creativity and mythology and storytelling. The direction of the discussions will be determined by the path you are currently navigating. A post call summary and supports for moving forward will be mailed to you afterwards.

  • Integrating the Rite of Passage: At the end of our year together, we will co-create an integration ceremony bringing together the story you have written, the wisdom you have uncovered & the closing of our sacred container. This co-creation can be designed to be shared with your community and can be facilitated by me through zoom. We will curate a beautiful passage into the next chapter of your story.

Investment: $3499 CAD + GST paid in full

Payment Plan: $310 CAD + GST paid monthly

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Let Others Inspire You.

She has literally changed my life while guiding me though my true practice of yoga- AWARENESS.

Jamie’s warmth and kindness is so wonderful, you always know that you are safe with her. Her love fills the room and wraps around you like the warmest hug you have ever had.

Jamie is a master at her craft and conveys her passion to all of her students. I guarantee that Jamie will help shape you into the practitioner and the person that you were meant to be.


I can’t wait to be her student again.

Katie Renton

"Jamie is an outstanding teacher. Not only is she passionate about yoga, she is also extremely knowledgeable. She shares her wisdom freely while continuing to grow and learn. She is humble and confident. She values building relationships and cares deeply for the well being of her students. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from her."

Christine O'Shaughnessy
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