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Weaving Together the Sacred Threads of Your Soul's Journey

This is Where Your Reclamation Journey Begins


 “Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?”




Sacred Responsibility.

The Academy of the Sacred Red Thread develops programs specifically for women to support their coming home. Rooted in the 3 core values of Connection, Sacred Responsibilty and Freedom. Our offerings are designed to help you come home to your true self. To trust the voice that speaks to you in the quiet of the forest under the moonlight. The whisper of your sweet soul has always known the way for you. This is a journey to living an abundant life by accessing your own unique voice and developing a deep, unwavering trust for her. 

Join Our Circle...

Within each of us, there is a calling. A whisper of the Soul-Self to live out our deep passion and unfold the unique wisdom that lives in each of us.

I'm Jamie.

Wild Woman


I was always a difficult woman, even before I was a woman. I had an innate sense of where my voice was needed and it often came with a cost, as so many things do when the young, naive ego self is running the show. Even though I was unskilled, I remember knowing I had a voice and wildness in me that was going to be hard to tame. As a child, that was encouraged, as I ran barefoot and built tree forts and protested the cutting down of my nature kingdom at the end of my street. Adolescence started the taming of that wildness and although I longed for the place in me that I could no longer name, the wild still ran in my veins.  The Wild was always my teacher in one way or another. 

Let's Work Together.

See My Offerings and Services.


W I L D is a women's wilderness and empowerment program designed to awaken you to hear the call of your soul and what you are here to do. 

Remember what it feels like to align with the rhythm of the Feminine cycles of nature: the sun, the moon, one another. Remembering that our Power is born from the sound of waves crashing and the curve of mountains, we will plant our feet firmly in the earth. Our Power is in remembering we are That. We are the curves and the crashes. We are Wild. ​



​Rites of passage and ceremonies play pivotal roles in the journey of living a soulful life. They mark significant transitions, fostering growth, and deeper connections to oneself, others, and the world. Through rituals, individuals honor milestones, embrace change, and find meaning in their experiences, aligning with their inner wisdom and the natural rhythm of life.


I N S P I R I T U S 
F O R E S T   P R A Y E R

Inspiritus is Latin for the word “breathe” and holds within it the word for spirit. Inspiritus also contains the root word for inspiration or to be filled with the Muses. ​Inspiritus Forest Prayer Sessions  were developed to represent the feminine model of healing and to bring the wisdom of women forward through deep engagment with the Wilderness.



A Journey Through 13 Archetypes in a Women's Cycle of Life

Delve into the depths of feminine wisdom as we explore the 13 archetypes that shape a woman's life cycle. Guided by ancient wisdom and modern insights, this immersive program offers a sacred space for self-discovery, empowerment, and growth.


Let Others Inspire You.

"You should really coll this circle WILD therapy! It has been one of the best investments in myself I have ever made.

Sandra Swanson

"I went into the course because I knew I wanted to learn more about yoga. What I came away with was so much more! I experienced a deep connection with a group of women who inspired me to my core. I developed a deeper connection to myself and in that discovered a much deeper connection to my own spirituality. It was a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

Shannon Oberle
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