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I was always a difficult woman, even before I was a woman. I had an innate sense of where my voice was needed and it often came with a cost, as so many things do when the young, naive ego self is running the show. Even though I was unskilled, I remember knowing I had a voice and wildness in me that was going to be hard to tame. As a child, that was encouraged, as I ran barefoot and built tree forts and protested the cutting down of my nature kingdom at the end of my street. Adolescence started the taming of that wildness and although I longed for the place in me that I could no longer name, the wild still ran in my veins. 

The Wild was always my teacher in one way or another. My father was a devout wild man. He taught me the gift of silence in the wild and the excitement of exploring untouched lands. Reverence was taught early and that connection informed so much of the wisdom I live from today. Through my 20's and 30's I got further and further removed from that which fed my life force and I became ill and over worked. I was hollow and deeply depressed.


Although I always sought the path un-tread, it wasn't until I met yoga in 1999 that a new opening was being brought forth. This began my journey back to myself through doors I had never opened before. The path was difficult, and wading through the limbs and layers took years before I reconnected with the Divine in me. This time took me back to the wilderness where I saw the Divine for the first time and realized in that moment that I am That. I am the crushing waves, the dark forest floor, the unforgiving mountain peaks. I am That. 

As an Initiated Priestess of the Sacred Grove and Carrier of the Red Thread I wanted to use these tools to create a place for women to heal, and so the Academy of the Sacred Red Thread was birthed.

The Academy is built on cultivation of circle and recognizes that throughout history women have gathered in circle to share wisdom, to offer support, to be seen, and to see others. A sacred space for women to rediscover their divine strength and to build a truthful relationship with themselves and the sisters in their communities. This is a place for truth, reflection, unearthing, and connection. Every woman is wise and has gifts to offer, and a safe space is needed so we can feel into what that is for each of us. We need to be compassionately witnessed in our vulnerability so that we can step more fully into being ourselves.

Within each of us, there is a calling. A whisper of the Soul-Self to live out the deep passion and wisdom within. We believe that each woman arrives at the Academy with their own deep wisdom already intact but often, it has been covered up and suffocated by the over-culture. 

The Academy of the Sacred Red Thread develops programs specifically for women to support their coming home. These gatherings are designed to help you come home to your true self. To trust the voice that speaks to you in the quiet of the forest under the moonlight. The whisper of your sweet soul has always known the way for you. This is a journey to living an abundant life by accessing your own unique voice and developing a deep, unwavering trust for her. 

It is imperative that women stay visible. That is a choice. It is a choice to rise up and stand open. To take your beautiful broken heart that has shattered and mended again and again and again and continue to stand open in all ways. It is a choice to ungirdle your guts and reclaim your breath, with eyes wide open so you can hear the whisper of your soul and see the path for you. It is a choice to wake up and stand open and bear witness to your own unfolding. To honour and hold yourself in reverence of the force that you are. Because you are. And we need you. We need women to stay open, to reclaim their wisdom and wildness, and to stay visible. The time has come to take up space and lay bare your magnificence. 

The Academy offers apprentice programs for reclaiming our relationship with the Divine Feminine, Women's Sacred Red Thread Ceremonies, including Croning, Birthing, Death, and Commitment ceremonies. Red Drum Workshops, and local and international retreats for women.

If you would like to join the circle please connect.

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