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“Who is She? She is your power, your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. The life force. The first time, the twentieth time you may not recognize her.

Or pretend not to hear. As she fills your body with ripples of terror and delight.

But when she calls you will know you’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer.”

― Lucy H. Pearce

Inspiritus: Walking with the Goddess on the Path of the Divine Feminine


Inspiritus is Latin for the word “breathe” and holds within it the word for spirit. Inspiritus also contains the root word for inspiration or to be filled with the Muses. 

Together, this embodies the heart of what has been created. To breathe and be filled with the spirit of the Goddess.


You are the Goddess. 

This is a Yoga program developed to represent the feminine model of healing and to bring the wisdom of women forward. This program is for the woman who wants to get truly aligned with who she is and how she is going to connect to the world. The goal of this program is to support women who are passionate about the power of connecting to their own wisdom and who recognize that movement is only one doorway in.

We must also be aligned with our soul in order to truly heal. In order to live a whole-hearted life we must learn to embody all of the parts of ourselves with our soul as our compass. Women in this program want to cultivate deep levels of support for themselves and their students in order to live a more embodied life. By the end of the year, you will have a clearer relationship with yourself and what your soul work is. You will be able to support students getting out of pain and be skilled in progressing them towards better function. You will have a clearer direction of how to build your business from a place of aligned action supported by creative desires. You will cultivate deep relationships with women who have similar desires to support others and live a more truthful life.

This program is for the woman who is ready to show up for herself and to take up space in the world. Understanding that when we are more embodied, everyone we work with will experience a deep connection with a new ability to respond and move. 

The truth is, is that Yoga is evolving, and to move with this reality requires reverence, openness and acceptance. Yoga poses are a part of developing these skills, but the rest of Yoga lies beyond the Asanas, and raising our consciousness lives in these practices. The intention of this program is to be a part of Yoga evolution, and to revolutionize our culture through raising up Yoga Teachers to be more than movement teachers. We are working to shift our current cultural values upholding dominance, patriarchy, fitness, thinness, and arrogant positivity to ones upholding truth, freedom, inclusivity, ethics, natural expression, and integrity. To be women who know themselves and who are able to consciously take up space in this world.

Walking with the Goddess on the path to the Divine Feminine will support you in cultivating a deep relationship with yourself. You are the Goddess and it is your birthright to embody this energy and find your unique voice. The soul is not separate from the Divine and it is your Sacred Responsibility to hear the pulse of your own heart, the whisper of your soul and to embody an unwaivering Trust for all that is you.

This is the path to Freedom.

Program Structure:

This is a hybrid program, combining self-paced home study with in-person learning. You will be given weekly assignments that you can work on at your own pace until completion of the program. In person will be held over 5 scheduled weekends. 

Monthly zoom Meetings to cover course material and check in One Monday a month for approximately 2 hours


Upon completion of the program you will be issued an 800 hour Yoga Therapy Certification from the Academy of the Sacred Red Thread.​

5 modules in person where each module is 4 days long totalling 200 hour of in person training (2024 dates TBD - January, March, May, September, November 2024)

Book 3 90-minute private mentoring sessions with me whenever you like. This will be an opportunity for you to get specific one on one support in whatever areas you need. This could be in movement, business, or creation. These are your hours to support your own individual needs.

November & December will be allotted for finishing Case Studies and completing all assignments for final assessment. 

Your certification will be through The Academy of the Sacred Red Thread.

Program Outcomes:

Therapeutic Yoga Movements: We will spend extensive time learning a variety of therapeutic yoga movements to help get your students out of pain and to support them in building better overall function. You will receive a manual with pictures and descriptions of movements for hips, shoulder, and spine. We will also explore the use of props such as spinal strips, lumbar roll, back bender, and head stander as a way to progress students. In this work, we will also look at relevant anatomy and biomechanics 

Somatics: Working with Somatics Educator, Pam Kamoku, you will be  taught  3, 6-hour modules of Somatics. Pam is a highly-skilled Yoga Therapist and Somatics Educator and will offer you a very unique skillset and will put you at a very high level in your field. You can read more about her here:  

Yamas & Niyamas: The Foundational Principles to Freedom: We will be studying Deb Adele’s book and you will also learn ways to work with these concepts as a teacher and how to develop and offer programs around this work.

Ceremony: Learning to Build a Sacred Life: During the course of the year you will choose a Goddess from the Hindu Pantheon. She will serve as your Muse on your journey. You will be guided in creating rituals and ceremonies to honour your cycles as a woman as you walk the path with your Goddess. Ceremony is an important part of living a Sacred life and you will begin to explore your souls expression in this realm. 

Breath: A reclamation of our body and our Soul's voice: We will explore the breath from a physical and embodied standpoint. Pranayama techniques will be offered as a way to improve function and reduce pain as well as help your students live more fully in their structure and lives. We will look at ways to access the voice of our soul through embodied breathing. We will explore how women have been girdled and chiseled in body and mind, making it impossible to hear the sound of our soul and we will explore what is possible when we unwind that and take up space. We will also explore Nidra and meditation practices.

Mantra: Ancient Sounds for Living in Alignment:  We will work with Vedic Priestess, Yvonne Werkmann to understand the power of sacred sound in healing Mantras. You will work with several mantras and yogic practices utilizing mantras over the year. You will learn how to use a Mala and create Sacred rituals with Mantra. 

Creativity: Expressing the Divine Feminine: Creativity is the gateway to living an embodied life. We must learn ways to listen inward to the inspiration of what our soul work is. If we do not learn to give space to the creative sparks, we will lose ourselves. “I’ll do it after the kids leave” “I’ll paint once the house is clean.” Day after day women betray the sound of our soul calling us home. Days turn to years and before we know it our spark, our life force is snuffed out. The Inspiritus work will be woven deeply into all the modules as a way for you to express your own interpretation of what Yoga Therapy is. This is fundamental to living an embodied life. 

Case Studies: Case studies will be a part of the program as a way for me to support you with feedback on working with your students, whether that be one on one or are small Customized classes. You will be asked to complete a minimum of 50 studies over the course of the program.

Working with Private clients and Customized classes: Part of the program, with respect to movement, will be on supporting you working with private clients and creating therapeutic programs for them to work on at home. We will also spend several hours on developing customized classes, where each student is working on their own individual programs within a group setting utilizing your own gifts and wisdom and supporting your students finding theirs.

Business: Creating a Soul Aligned Relationship with your Offerings: Creating a business that is fully aligned and is guided by your soul is the focus of the business module. Where inspiration and aligned action walk side by side to help you bring your deepest desires to a place of true power. Where your life and work become allies. This is how we will approach our business, after all, your business should speak your language and be a direct reflection of who you are in the world. When we get truly aligned there are no bounds to what we can create and how we can change the world.

I am blessed with many fierce women in my circle. Those who are living a Sacred life already and there is a strong likelihood that various guest teachers will come and share their gifts throughout our time together.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to apply to the program please click below and we will be in touch shortly!


**Prerequisite - Completed or enrolled in The Yamas & Niyamas Study

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