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The Yamas & Niyamas 40 Weeks to Freedom

This book changed my life. Period.

The Yamas and Niyamas are the first 2 limbs from the Ashtanga 8 limbed path. Asana, or the yoga poses, are the 3rd limb. These 2 concepts act as guideposts on our journey. They offer an invaluable reflection on such tenets as Ahimsa, non-violence and Satya, truthfulness, in a real, tangible way. Deborah Adele does an amazing job of making this ancient wisdom relevant today.

These reflections ask us to consider things such as how loving ourselves is the fundamental basis for non-violence. Consider that "nice" is a cloak we hide behind and how real is trustworthy. Each of the 10 tenets is studied for 4 weeks making the full study 40 weeks, this is a long, rich commitment. There are 4 practices, one per week, that ask us to be curious about the way we are living or not living them. This practice cultivates a deeper knowing of the patterns in our behaviour that often lead to ways of being that don't serve us. It is a way to better understand your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

In this practice, we cultivate deeper awareness and that is the basis of Yoga. This deeper awareness leads to freedom in our lives by showing us new ways to be in relationship. We get to see that, with awareness, we don't have to continue to spin out the same stories deeply engrained in us. We are able to witness our reactions in a new way and build tools that move us towards more self-awareness. When we are more aware can see the choices and possibilities available to us. Like the iceberg, there is so much more depth to who you are just below the surface. This work starts you on the journey of bringing more of you to the surface.

How does the program work?

The entire program will be run online. Each week you will post your reflections in our book study group where will dialogue about what came up for us. This is a closed container and all the words we share will be held in a strong, confidential container which will be set in our open ceremony

Upon registration, you will be mailed a Welcome package containing special gifts for you to use on the journey and in our ceremony.

Each week I will provide reflection on your post, sometimes offering further things to consider.

This 40 week course is a mandatory prerequisite for entrance into the Inspiritus Yoga Therapy Certification

Investment: $495 + GST 

Program Start: Fall 2022

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