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Red Drum Sacred Ceremony


“At the end, as at the beginning, stands the archetypal power of the Divine Feminine—the goddess. She is our future as she was our past. With her drum in hand, playing her sacramental rhythms, women can once again take their place in the world as technicians of the sacred. In the pulse of my drum, in the beat of my heart,

I erect an altert o her forever.”
― Layne Redmond


Drumming belonged to women. 

This sacred sound is the first sound we hear in the womb; the vibration of our mother's blood beating through her heart. We already know that we are deeply connected to the sound of our mother's heart, her mother's heart and all the women that came before. We are born drummers.

It is time to re-member. To reclaim our place as the carriers and care takers of the Sacred drum. 

In this 3 night retreat we will spend time reconnecting to our wisdom as women. Unearthing our deep knowing of the Sacred practice of drumming. Our drums will be hand dyed and assembled in ceremony. We will spend time breathing our spirit and soul into our drum. Mother Nature will be our womb and we will birth a Sacred pathway back to ourselves. Most of our time will be outdoors in ritual, ceremony and circle.

No drumming experience necessary (remember, you were born with this already in you) just a deep knowing that you are ready to reclaim this lost power that belongs to all women.

Click the link below to hold a space in this ceremony. This circle is limited to 6 women.

Save the date: July 14th - 17th, 2022 
Location: Blaeberry Valley of Golden, BC