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Join us on this journey into the WILD. A journey to reconnect you with what you have always had inside. A journey to help you discover your fire, your voice, your story and to heal through cultivating a reverent relationship with the Great Goddess Gaia. To reawaken, reconnect and reclaim the Divinely Feminine force within you and learn to be Wild again.

This is a 13 cycle sacred pilgrimage back to your heart and home, infused with ceremony, ritual, and guidance rooted in the wisdom of the natural world. We will create a circle of women to witness one another as you begin to tell the truth about who you are and your relationship with Mother Earth. Through sacred circle and self exploration we will walk each other back home with the Great Mother as our guide, back to our Wildness.  

  • Upon registration you will be sent a customized Sacred Bundle designed specifically for your journey containing gifts and tools to get you started.

  • Each cycle will have a thread that will serve as the inspiration for that cycle's journey with each thread weaving together over the thirteen cycles moving through Initiation to Sovereignty

  • We will begin each cycle and thread on the Full Moon. The inspiration will be supported through pagan (Earth based) rituals and ceremonies, Goddess work, movement and sound healing, as well as deep introspective practices. 

  • You will be provided tools to support you living in harmony with the cycles of nature, ultimately birthing rituals in your own knowing and wisdom

  • Our circle will convene every cycle where we will share experiences, hold space for ourselves and others, and witness other sacred women sharing their journey.

  • Guidance videos and/or audios for each cycle's thread and corresponding inspiration will be provided as well as written directions for support.

  • Monthly 30 minute sessions available for each woman to book private time with me to explore themes and receive personalized guidance and support.

  • Quarterly ceremonies will be led on the main solar events of the Wheel of the Year - Winter (Yule) & Summer (Litha) Solstices and Spring (Ostara) and Fall (Mabon) equinoxes


Investment: $2695 + GST (Payment plans available)

November 2023

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