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W i l d

Do you know when your WILD NATURE  disappeared?

Do you remember when you lost contact?

What happened? Where did She go? What changed?


How can you reconnect with her?


How can you reclaim the WILD one? 

I remember the exact moment I lost contact. I was 12 years old. My family packed up and left the place where I ran barefoot, laid in tall grass eating clover, where I jumped on bareback horses and ate unripened plums while perched on branches. I left my wildness there. I remember the grief, like I knew I was losing something that would change me forever. My wildness slowly eroded year after year, it took decades to even recognize what had been lost. 

Life became overwhelming and the connection I had thrived on forgotten. Working tirelessly to meet unrealistic expectations and trying to hang on to the thread that connected me to the knowing: knowing myself as Divine, as one who lives in reverent relationship with nature. My longing drew urgent as I grew ill, sad and depleted. Her whispers became echoed and hollow and I was forced into stillness. It was in this time that I was held in bed with broken breath that I began to remember her. I remembered what wisdom I held in my body when I was sitting at the feet of the Great Mother and where nothing could take me away from my true nature.Slowly, I began to claw my way back. Sitting near water, climbing mountains and resting in tall grass against giant evergreens. It was here I  began my journey home. 

Mother Nature became the womb for my healing. She held me as I emptied and unraveled and licked my wounds. She held me as I learned to listen and love and believe again that this life was not merely a survival act. She held me patiently in the darkness until I surrendered what needed to die and birthed the next step on my path. In her arms I was able to unwrap the Soul Song I was born with.


I placed my cheek to her belly and heard my own heart beat.


I could feel the wild waking up inside. 

There was a time in Herstory where the Goddess was revered. Where the power of the Feminine worked in relationship with the Masculine, in balance and synchronicity. This sacred union has slowly been destroyed, and we now live in a hierarchal system of oppression that is deeply out of balance. We are living in a culture that for too long, has forced women into cages.


We have been defanged and muzzled.


Tamed and watered down.

We have been girdled, painted and injected; reduced to a performer, engineered to please the gaze of the patriarchy.


Now, the Divine Feminine is waking from her slumber and there is an opportunity for us to heal by reclaiming our relationship with Nature, and ultimately with our Wildness.


The Feminine burns hot in each woman. She is your Passion. She is your creative force. She is your expression, the way you Love, your devotion, the way you express with every swing of your hips.She is mirrored in the rhythm and cycles of the Great Mother and now is time to reunite.

Divine Feminine and Nature are deeply connected and both have been disparaged for decades.  It is time to reconnect to our intuition, instincts, creativity and wisdom - our WILD nature. You were born with all of these gifts and now is the opportunity for reclamation. A time to place your hands in the Earth and bring forth what is in you to share.


Raw and uncensored.


She is waking.

She is rattling the cage. 


I am calling this circle to Reclaim our birthright. To redefine the Feminine and to unlock our WILD nature. 


We will relearn what it feels like to align with the rhythm of the Feminine cycles of nature: the sun, the moon, one another. Remembering that our Power is born from the sound of waves crashing and the curve of mountains, we will plant our feet firmly in the earth. Our Power is in remembering we are That. We are the curves and the crashes. We are Wild. 

If you feel a longing in every part of your Soul. If you hear the call when you are lying in the dark. If you know in the deepest bones of your body that you are here for more and you are ready to walk the path back home through a deep rekindling with the Great Mother, then the time to open your cage is now.

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