"My experience completing YTT 200 hour summer intensive is hard to describe in words. Soulful...transformational...healing...are just a few that come to mind. Jamie and Lindsay created such a warm environment that allowed the group as a whole to share; explore, laugh and play comfortably and easefully, free from judgment in the group dynamic. For me, this training was much more than learning about the physical asana practice of yoga. It has opened my eyes to so much more; yoga as a way of living, being, and showing up in the world for myself and others. I'm forever grateful to Jamie and Lindsay, the group as a whole for the experience. Thank you, Jamie and Lindsay, for sharing the gift of yoga and for imparting all your knowledge, yogic wisdom and philosophy with us. I highly recommend this training for anyone who is interested in deepening their yoga practice as well as those who wish to embark on a journey of self-discovery. You deserve it!" 




It's rare to meet someone as passionate about their work as Jamie is. When you are lucky enough to come across someone like her, you learn all you can. The way Jamie lights up when she describes the beauty in the movement of the body is contagious---you can't help but get excited about it too. She is a true master of her craft. Jamie never told me what to see or how to feel in teacher training but helped me to find the answers for myself. She pushed me to become the person I was capable of being, showed me the unique qualities that I can bring to teaching, and showed up for me when I couldn't show up for myself. Jamie demonstrated integrity, presence and a wisdom far beyond her years. I am so fortunate to have trained under Jamie and I am honoured to know her.


- Kate

Jamie's approach to teaching is refreshing. She doesn't tell you how to feel or what to think - she guides you to simply recognize what you feel or think and to be curious about it. I found her style to be a great fit for me and she helped me to 'be real' with myself. She creates a safe environment and makes her students feel comfortable right from day 1. My time spent with her during the 200 Hour Teacher Training Program has lit a new spark within me and I could not be more grateful.

- Val

I have gone from not being able to cook for my children and care for my home because of back pain, to figure skating and skiing on a weekly basis. I can work a full day of work without even remembering that I had at one time experienced constant back pain!


- Isabelle


After only a few sessions I have found better movement and less pain in my day to day life. I am in awe in the shift I have felt within my body because of Jamie's nurturing support, technical knowledge and holistic approach to "Pure Movement". Jamie truly has the gift of compassion and understanding and she has become an important part of my life. I will always be truly thankful to Jamie for showing me the way to a pain-free life.

- Tara


I often describe Jamie's classes to people as pure magic - sounds a little crazy but that is exactly what it is! She teaches in such a gentle way to keep her students moving with complete intention with pure, organic movement - helping to heal the body and move out of pain. If you are looking to transform and grow your current practice, whatever level you are at, I highly recommend attending a class of Jamie's - you will leave with a feeling of complete gratefulness. Calgary is lucky to have such a talent! Thanks Jamie

- Krystal Scott, Yoga Teacher


As a recreational triathlete, yoga practitioner and teacher, I strive to create harmony in my body while maximizing my potential. However, misalignment and poor kinesthetic awareness has lead to inflammation in my shoulder, hip, and foot and a stagnation in my swimming and running. Incorporating therapeutic private yoga sessions into my established practice has been a wonderful experience on so many levels. My greatest reward from these sessions has been how it affects my teaching of others. Through my ten years as a yoga teacher, I have strived to ensure safe and proper alignment in my class. Realizing that I fall into the same holding patterns as many of my students, I share what I have learned from Jamie in class, so others can benefit from her knowledge. Whether you are an individual looking to relieve pain, an athlete wanting to improve performance, or a yogi desiring to deepen your practice, therapeutic yoga sessions are an excellent investment.

- Rachel Taylor, Triathlete & Yoga Teacher


I have been working with Jamie Mathiasen since November 2012 for one on one consultation. I have found there has been significant improvement in my flexibility, diminishment of pain in my upper and lower back. Since working on my shoulders using her guided techniques, I have found a loosening and wider range of movement within my shoulders and neck. I would highly recommend her therapeutic yoga techniques and feel anyone could find improvement with their movement and confidence in developing deeper yoga moves.

- Janice Hay


I was fortunate to be part of an intro to therapeutic yoga put on by Jamie. I have a rare disorder and am always looking for a good way to stretch and to do yoga, so I thought this class would be perfect. Less then halfway through the class, my back started to spasm and I couldn't go on. Jamie was very comforting and helpful, reassuring me that all was ok. After that class, I started seeing Jamie in a regular basis. Jamie very quickly identified the areas of my body that were not functioning properly. Most notable was that my shoulders were frozen and that I was using my back to compensate for everything. Jamie created a very manageable program emphasizing very small movements to correct areas of concern. Three months later, the results have been significant. So much so that I can now attribute numbness in my hands to issues with my shoulders. I would and have highly recommended Jamie and her program to anyone with chronic pain. Jamie is patient and really listens, something that is often lacking in other practitioners.

- Jade Powers