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Sacred Red Thread  Women's Circles

11th Annual


Red Thread Summer Solstice Ceremony

In the Old Norse tradition the Midsummer is known as Sólmánuður, meaning Sun Month. A time to celebrate the light and fertility; abundance and bounty of the season.

In our ceremony we will honour Freya, the Great Goddess. Freya is the Goddess of love, fertility, prosperity, magic and protection and when necessary, war. Around her neck hangs the Brisingamen, a necklace of amber that Freya obtained by spending one night with each of the 4 dwarves who created it. There is much more to this lore and we will use it as our muse, our inspiration to bring forth more of ourselves. We will use the story of the Brisingamen to connect to our own magic and love.

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to have a deep connection with your own magic?

In our ceremony together, we will recreate our own Brisingamen necklace. A symbol of our commitment to our self. A commitment to unearthing our own magic and the love that runs deep within us. This necklace will serve as a talisman on your journey. A reminder that you are a woman belonging to herself and you will do what is necessary in order to maintain your sovereignty. What are you willing to do to uphold the Truth of who you are and to always connect to your own magic?

Our night will include:

  • Storytelling 

  • Red Thread Ceremony

  • Ceremony to recreate your own Brisingamen Necklace 

  • Movement and meditation

  • Social time & feast

  • A gift to take home

When: Wednesday June 21, 2023
Time: 630 - 930 pm
Where: Restorative Sports Therapy - Okotoks
Investment: $75 +GST

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