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Sacred Red Thread  Women's Circles

10th Annual


Red Thread Winter Solstice Ceremony

The Winter Solstice marks the darkest day of the year. A time to hold still in the heart of the darkness. This dark space offers a richness of the unknown, the deep, fertile parts of ourselves where our intuitive and creative forces lie. A time of alchemy as we sink deep into the bones of winter. Stripped down we will explore what is left to transform when all that remains is the deep stillness of the dark. What is left when we settle into the stillness and offer space to rewrite the story for the birth of the new light.

All beginnings are first wrapped in darkness. Beginnings are births. An initiation into the next cycle. The darkness provides an incubating womb for our births and transformations. We must first strip down, let go, reduce, become less.

In the Red Thread Winter Solstice ceremony we will use the longest night of the year to strip away, in utter darkness, what needs to die. Being held in Sacred circle with other women and in the womb of Mother Nature we will welcome the darkness right before the strike of the light.

We will partake in a gentle yoga practice, mantra, storytelling, ritual & ceremony that will support our time spent in the darkness. Our practice will be followed up with social time to enjoy a light feast.


Each guest will receive a gift to take home.

When: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Time: 6 - 930 PM

Where: Full Circle Movement Studios - Okotoks AB

Investment: $75



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