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Sacred Red Thread Ceremonies

12th Annual


Red Thread Winter Solstice Ceremony

Save the Date.....

When: Thursday, December 21, 2023
Time: 630 - 930 pm
Where: Restorative Sports Therapy - Okotoks
Investment: $75 +GST

Harnessing Nature’s Wisdom:

A Wild Woman’s Resolution Journey

Save the Date....

Saturday, February 3rd
11 am - 3 pm

Investment: $ 225 CAD +GST (includes lunch and a gift)

This is not your typical New Year's Resolution workshop!

In this Wild Woman's journey, our focus will be on how we can use the wisdom of the seasons to inform the direction of our year. By tuning into the cycles of the natural world and feeling into our own rhythms, we can create a meaningful journey through the year that honours who we truly are. We will not come from a place of fixing ourselves, but rather from a sacred place inside of us that recognizes our own unique expression and encourages that unfolding. 

This will be a full day retreat, rich with ceremony and explorations to help you tune into the coming seasons of your life. At the end of the day you will have a clearer understanding of how you want to feel in your life, ways to honour and tune into your own rhythms so you can best honour your own cycles as the wheel turns and rituals you can begin to infuse your life with that will help bring clarity to the unique writing of your story.

We will meet on Imbolc, 'in the belly'. Imbolc marks the half way point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox this is a time when the seeds are being stirred in Mother Nature, waiting to be born. This is the season when the animals were heavily pregnant and the richness of their milk production marked the hope for the arrival of spring . This is a time of birth, fertility and potential making it a perfect day for bringing these Resolutions to life. This is also the season that honours the Goddess Brigid, the goddess of fertility. We will bring in the myths and stories of Brigid as a portal for understanding our own story. 


Our day together will include:

  • Red Thread Ceremony

  • Myth and Storytelling

  • Doll Making Ceremony

  • Journalling and Introspective time

  • A completed Journey book to support you through the seasons

  • A feast






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